New Album: Isz – A Dreamer’s Worst Nightmare

Yooooo, make sure you pick this album up! You can get it anywhere fine music is sold (iTunes, Rhapsody, Amazon, Napster). We were at this one for a minute, but the wait is finally over, and it is worth it! Brooklyn is definitely in the house.

Here’s the official track listing:

1. Let Me Show You
2. They Callin’ Me
3. Something Like
4. Gothic Party
5. I Can Feel It (Feat. Jae Brook)
6. Dealt With
7. By Any Means Necessary (Feat. Elegy)
8. Purple Heart
9. Reality Isz (Feat. Koz & P. Murray)
10. UR Supposed 2 Be (Feat. Koz)
11. Tell The Devil To Chill
12. Death Angel (Feat. Corinna)
13. The Nightmare

It features appearances from Koz, Jae Brook, P. Murray, Elegy & Corinna, with production by Isz, DJ Killahertz, and Arthur Retiz. This shit is crazy ya’ll!

Be sure to visit for more info. Geah!

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